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Koli Camping

  • Koli Camping
  • Koli Camping
  • Koli Camping
  • Koli Camping
  • Koli Camping
  • Koli Camping
  • Koli Camping
  • Koli Camping
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Koli Camping

Visa-, Mastercard- and On-Line bank payment reservations  here


July 9-20 

August 3.8.-30.8. am. 9-11 pm. 14-20

September 3.8.-30.10. open

When arriving at other times, please check-in with your basic passenger details and vehicle registration number. After filling the details you can set up your camp at free location in the area.

We have 24h access.


We accept wide range of payment methods. In addition to cash, we take common credit cards, on-line bank transfers and many others. Note: payment method Invoice means giving your basic passenger details through our secured web connection. After informing us your passenger details we can send you arriving instructions to your device.


16€/vehicle + 3€/adult (children under 12 years 1€)

SFC/Camping card holders are entitled for 2€ discount

Electricity +5€

Laundry 5€ (washing machine + dryer)

Sauna 25€ (private)


Dogs are welcome, under full control of the owner. 


We provice do-it-yourself firewood for free use, to be used at the ready built fire-constructions. Please do not build 'wild' new places. Note the possibe warnings given in daily wheather report or restrictions given by the staff. Ready-chopped firewood available in reception against small price.


Koli Camping area is located amidst the breathtaking Koli landscape close to the Koli National Park. The area has a long, shallow sandy beach and a wide area of pine tree forest for camping with tents. Electrified plugs we have totally 70 for the travellers with cars, all of them located in pine tree forest by the Lake Pielinen.

Lake Pielinen offers excellent fishing opportunities and a chance to get into the beautiful islands belonging to the wide area of the Koli National Park. At the lake Pielinen there is a ferry company offering sightseeing tours.

The area also features of kiosk as well as fireplace and barbeque facilities. Customers have access to the maintenance building with cooking and laundry facilities, showers, toilets and free access Wi-Fi. Basketball, football, and trampolin.

Distance to Ukko-Koli is 8km. Our camping site is closest to the peaks of Ukko-Koli, the favourite scenery for travellers and artists for more than a century. We also provide event services like fairs, boats for rent, kayaks, outboard motors, e-bikes etc. You can also conveniently book cabins, villas and holiday penthouse apartments from us. Loma-Koli resort has the largest accommodation capacity in whole Koli area.

You can also hike the Herajärvi Trail routes 30km, 40km or 60km. For near surrounding hiking we recommend to start with 5km route up and around Käränkä. 

Koli Camping was established 53 years ago. We have plenty of visitors coming again and again. Find our simple and beautiful campsite for relaxation, tranquility and beach life. You are warmly welcome!

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Area: 45000 m2
Max visitors: 200


Hiekkaniementie 12
83960 Koli

Coordinates: 63.1503, 29.8425


Ukko-Koli slopes 5.8
Ukko-Koli 6.6
Kolinportti 13.2
Cc-tracks 0.9
Camping and beach 0
Koli Harbour Restaurant 4.5
Koli village 5.2


You may choose your camping spot anywhere on our camping site. The brown service building is located near the road and the common spaces are open at all times.

Please be tidy and avoid noice between 10pm and 7am.

At daytime the beach is open for everyone. Toilets, coffee and icecream available.

Please avoid DAYPARKING in the middle of the main field. Park on sideareas to give open space for caravans and maintenance traffic to operate freely.

Smoker: please use ashtrays and trashbins - especially on the beach. Let's keep the area clean.