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Area: m2
Max visitors: 1


83960 Koli, Lieksa

Coordinates: 63.1326, 29.8199


Ukko-Koli slopes 3.7
Ukko-Koli 4.4
Kolinportti 11.3
Ski tracks in Koli 2.8
Camping and beach 2.3
Koli Harbour Restaurant 2.3
Koli village 3


The rent prices include 10 % VAT, electricity, cold and warm water fares, firewood, cleaning equipment and dishwashing powders and soaps.

Check-out cleaning is basically NOT included in the listed rentprice. Rental where the cleaning is compulsory, the price of the cleaning will be AUTOMATICALLY added to the listed rentprice (and invoice) when selecting the rental to the shopping cart. Rental where the cleaning is NOT compulsory will be invoiced without the charge unless OPTIONAL cleaning picked up to the booking. If the client wants to clean him/herself, it is a commitment that MUST be done according to the given CHECK-LIST. Every rental is controlled by our housekeeping after every accommodating client. If our housekeeping has to clean, even partly, the fee of the full cleaning will be charged from the client.

Number of accommodating persons must be given in the reservation details. Extra persons cost 15 € / person / night.

25 euros additional cost for bringing pets. Check the rental details whether allowed or not.

Terms of payment:

Payments by bank transfer. The invoice for the reservation fee (20 %) is emailed immediately after the reservation is made, and it is due ASAP. The rest of the invoice is due for payment four (4) weeks before the date of arrival, or, if booked less than four (4) weeks before the date of arrival, the whole sum has to be paid at once. Bookings must be paid or cancelled within 48hours. The reservation is binding after the customer pays the reservation fee (or the whole price in late bookings).


Total cancellation (money return): please ask our full Terms and Conditions. CHANGES to the rental, or the period of stay, cost 30€. Adding/removing optional services do not activate any extra costs.